Should You Be Writing Every Day?


One of the most prolific pieces of writing advice is to write each and every day. While writing every day might work great for some, the reality is that it isn’t an effective piece of writing advice for most people. Maybe you have a job, spouse, kids or social life that doesn’t quite allow for … Read more

Writing Goals For The New Year


Making resolutions as the clock strikes midnight and one year rolls into the next is a time-honored tradition. You might have made your own resolutions for the New Year too, promising to write more in 2022 than you did in 2021. While this is a great jumping off point, you will need more actionable writing … Read more

4 Steps To Writing Realistic Dialogue


Dialogue should flow through your story like a river that has seamlessly carved its way through a forest. Like the river, it should be complex and varied, with more going on beneath its surface than your readers might realize. So how do you write complex yet realistic dialogue? You put a lot of time, thought … Read more

Great Writers Are Great Readers


What sparked your love of writing? There’s a good chance that your desire to tell a story started in another person’s written words. This goes back to one of the most basic truths of writing: great writers start out as great readers. Reading is more than just your origin story as a writer. It is … Read more

How To Use A Character Sheet


One of the most difficult parts of drafting a book is creating full, three dimensional characters. It doesn’t matter how well-crafted your plot is or if the words flow off the page like magic— if you have flat characters, your readers will lose interest. Not sure how to start bringing your characters to life? Try … Read more

Caring For Yourself When Writing


Being a writer is a time-intensive profession, which roughly translates to spending a lot of time with your butt planted in a chair. At face value, this might seem like a great situation. What better than taking a load off your feet with your laptop on your lap? The problem is that after a while … Read more

The Perfect Holiday Gifts For Writers


Finding just the right gift for everyone in your life takes a considerable amount of time, thought and effort. Buying gifts for friends or family members with whom you have shared hobbies and interests might not feel like much of a challenge though. On the other hand, buying presents for loved ones with unique hobbies … Read more

What To Do With A New Story Idea


As a writer, there is no telling when inspiration will strike. So what should you do when a new story idea hits out of nowhere? Well, you really only have three options: Write it Shelve it Toss it You will need to consider a few different factors when deciding how to handle your latest story … Read more

3 Non-Writing Activities To Boost Creativity

When and where is inspiration most likely to hit? While that answer is different for everyone, chances are it rarely happens exactly when you are sitting down to write. Inspiration usually strikes when you are in the middle of an unrelated task, often one that does not require too much thought. This means that you … Read more

Editing Your Manuscript Through A Critical Lens

No matter how much time and effort you put into creating a great first draft, it will still be far from perfect. This is where edits come in. Editing is an essential part of the book writing process, and it should begin long before you ever decide to start submitting to agents or publishing companies. … Read more