Grammar lovers will enjoy this book


Are you a grammar guru? Do you diagram sentences just for fun? Can you hold your own in a debate about the Oxford comma? If so, there’s a book that is trending as a best-seller that you might enjoy. It is entitled, ”Rebel with a Clause—Tales and Tips from a Roving Grammarian,” by Ellen Jovin. … Read more

3 fun ways to celebrate the holidays with stories


The 2022 holiday season is kicking off this week. Throughout the country, people will be attending social gatherings, greeting family and friends, sharing feasts, shopping, decorating and more, to ring in the most festive season of the year. Stories make the holidays all the more special.  Whether spoken in the form of anecdotes from holidays … Read more

Author trivia, just for fun


Who was the youngest person ever to become a published author? Which author wrote the most books? What is the best-seller of all time? Today’s post will answer these questions as well as share other random author facts, just for fun!  Are you an avid reader? Maybe you will discover something you didn’t already know … Read more

3 ways to become a disciplined daily writer

daily writer

Some people write for the sheer pleasure of it. Others are paid to do a job. Still, others write in the hopes of one day giving the world a bestseller. In fact, you might find yourself simultaneously in several of these categories. In any event, if you do not have discipline to write, you’ll no doubt procrastinate, … Read more

Missing Oxford comma wins $10 million for dairy drivers

Oxford comma

If you’re an author or an avid reader, you’re no doubt familiar with basic accepted, standardized rules for grammar and punctuation. You might also be familiar with, or at least aware of, multiple style guides that the writing industry uses. Three of the most well-known formats include the Modern Language Association (MLA) rules, the Associated … Read more