Adapt old stories as a creative writing challenge

old stories

Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay fit, as a writer, you also need to exercise your mind. Especially if you’re a fiction writer, challenging yourself with creative writing projects helps keep your mind in great shape. There are many ways to boost your creative writing skills, such as using topic or sentence … Read more

Do this before writing historical fiction


For many authors, helping readers establish connections between the past and present is their favorite part of the writing process. In some cases, a story about a bygone era can evoke certain images, ideas and memories in a reader’s mind that bring the past to life. It can also spark a desire to know more … Read more

7 ending options for your story


Most writers would agree that the process of creating a story for others to read is a rewarding yet challenging experience. If you’re a writer, you no doubt can also relate to being overly critical of your own work. That’s why it helps to seek feedback from others, be it avid readers amongst your family … Read more

4 reasons all writers should be avid readers


There are many things you can do to improve your writing skills. From developing a writing schedule to practicing with creative writing prompts or taking classes online, every writer has room for improvement and there are plenty of helpful resources available. One thing that many writers overlook that can help refine and boost skills is … Read more

Writers need these 3 things for creativity


There are many forms of writing, yet there’s something that all writing genres have in common. Whether you’re a copywriter, fiction writer or (insert type of writing here), there’s always a certain level of creativity needed to be successful. Another issue that knows no boundaries within all categories is that, sometimes, writers don’t “feel” all … Read more