5 reminders you need if you’re an author


Whether you’re just starting out or have been earning a living in the writing industry for years, you have no doubt encountered challenges along your journey. Maybe you’ve been hit hard by writer’s block or have received 10, 20 or more rejections on a manuscript you believe in with all your heart. As in all … Read more

3 key elements when writing a mystery


When you want to lead your readers on a suspenseful journey, your story must satisfy their curiosity, as well as their need for closure; unless, of course, you plan on writing a series and wish to end with a cliffhanger. The best mysteries typically include a protagonist and antagonist—which are basically a hero and a … Read more

5 ways to encourage a love-of-reading in your kids


Reading is a primary key to knowledge, which, in turn, is the key to success in life. The illiteracy rate in America is 21% (as of 2022), meaning that 21% of adults in the United States cannot read. Think about it. Adults cannot read because they were once children who could not read. Therefore, it … Read more

These 5 things will inspire you to write


Whether you’re a budding author or someone who has published many novels, you’ll no doubt agree that the writing process can, at times, be frustrating, grueling and stressful. Many successful authors say that if you sit around “waiting for inspiration” you’ll never write a book. It’s best to just keep writing, even if you don’t … Read more