Writing For Yourself Versus Writing To Market


Writing is a solitary endeavor that takes so much of your own time, concentration and dedication. However, it would be wrong to say that writing takes place in a vacuum. Everything that you read, watch or otherwise consume has the potential to influence your writing in some way. So does this mean that you should … Read more

Should You Be Writing Every Day?


One of the most prolific pieces of writing advice is to write each and every day. While writing every day might work great for some, the reality is that it isn’t an effective piece of writing advice for most people. Maybe you have a job, spouse, kids or social life that doesn’t quite allow for … Read more

Writing Goals For The New Year


Making resolutions as the clock strikes midnight and one year rolls into the next is a time-honored tradition. You might have made your own resolutions for the New Year too, promising to write more in 2022 than you did in 2021. While this is a great jumping off point, you will need more actionable writing … Read more