Vertu Publishing is a traditional boutique publishing house focused on the publication of unique and deeply entertaining Christian fiction.

Vertu Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts in the Christian fiction space only. At this time, we will consider works of fiction written for audiences ranging from young adult through adult. See our Publish With Us page for more information.

Written with a Reason

Do we accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Yes, we are happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts for consideration. And because we believe in the creative process and think authors should have the right to manage their own careers if they so choose, we DO NOT require agent representation.

Is your book ready to be published?

Competition is fierce in the publishing world. Before you submit your manuscript for consideration with any publisher (Vertu included), it’s highly recommended that you take practical steps to put your best foot forward.

Unfortunately, not every manuscript is publishable, and rejection letters are a sad-but-true part of what we do. So, to minimize the number of sad letters we have to write, and to give authors an edge on their competition no matter where they submit their work, we highly encourage all authors to explore the development and general editing of each manuscript prior to submission.