Born of a desire to both serve and create, Vertu Publishing is a boutique publishing firm that also serves as a source for the perpetuation of an art form – the art of the written word to be exact.

Vertu Publishing operates as both a publishing house and an invaluable resource for authors of every genre; from our blog, where you’ll learn valuable lessons and skills to succeed as a writer and author, to our services, where we will do everything in our power to help propel you forward in your writing career.

One-Stop Shop

Vertu Publishing is a one-stop-shop for wordsmiths.

Unsolicited manuscripts

We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts in the Christian space only.


All our "resources for authors" services are available to writers in ANY genre.

The Vertu Publishing team consists of a talented and professional group of reviewers, editors, publicists, designers, and marketing specialists who all work together as a dynamic team, dedicated to helping authors tell their stories and make their voices heard.

Vertu Publishing is a subsidiary of Vertu Marketing LLC