Create a nature journal for writing inspiration

nature journal

Whether you’re a fiction writer, non-fiction, sci-fi, suspense or romance novelist, it’s unlikely that you’ll remain inspired if you only ever write within one specific genre. In fact, trying your hand at all sorts of writing, even if you’re not planning to have the work published, is the best way to boost creativity and find inspiration … Read more

Writing success issues to keep in mind


Perhaps you’ve wanted to become a successful writer for as long as you can remember. Then again, maybe the idea of being a writer is a more recent development in your life. Either way, being a professional writer or published author can be a rewarding yet challenging experience.  Some writers seem to soar straight to … Read more

Improve your descriptive setting skills


Descriptive language is an integral component of fiction novels. As a fiction writer, one of your primary goals should always be to make your readers feel as though they have stepped into another world – the world inside your story. Writing descriptive settings can be challenging. It can also make the difference between people wanting … Read more

Let’s talk about sequels


To write a sequel or not write a sequel, that is the question. In the world of fiction-writing, a sequel is a work that continues a story or further develops a theme that began in a previous novel. If you write more than one sequel for the same story, it becomes a “series.” As an … Read more