Odd places to read books—have you done this?

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Are you an avid reader? If so, congratulations because studies show that reading is good for brain health. It’s one of the best activities you can do. Some people love reading so much that they will do it anywhere and everywhere they can. In fact, there are some odd places to read books, as you … Read more

The 5 main periods of American Literature


Art enthusiasts often study various eras in history, where the great masters produced works in common with certain themes of their time. For instance, under a basic study of art history, you would encounter the eras of Gothic art, as well as the Impressionist era and the Renaissance. Interestingly, American literature has also unfolded with … Read more

5 elements of a great plot


One thing is certain if you are a fiction writer. Failing to develop your plot will not only lose readers for a particular story, it will also possibly make avid readers shy away from your works if they see lack of plot development as a habit in your writing. Learning to develop a great plot … Read more

Creative writing comes in many forms

creative writing

You might be a seasoned writer who has been writing since as long as you can remember. Then again, you might be brand new to the world of writing. Whether you write for pleasure or for income, school or something else, chances are, you will have the opportunity to develop creative writing skills.  Creative writing … Read more