Attention authors—open endings and cliffhangers, not the same


Writing an ending is probably one of the biggest challenges fiction authors encounter when creating stories. Some authors prefer to write their endings before the rest of the story. Have you ever tried that? Many authors mistakenly think that open endings and cliffhanger endings are the same, when, in fact, they are quite different. Understanding … Read more

Does time of day matter for writers regarding productivity?


If you’re determined to make a go of becoming an author, the actual task of writing is going to (or, at least, should) become part of your daily life. Every author has unique habits and routines. Some writers create and adhere to stringent schedules, while others are more unstructured. Unstructured people like to always keep … Read more

Facing the truth about writing a novel or other work of fiction


Maybe you already have a few books in print. Who knows? You might even be a best-selling author. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or still in the discerning stages of trying to launch a career writing fiction novels, there are several truths to bear in mind. These truths apply to all authors, from novices to the … Read more

5 reasons to launch an author’s blog


There’s so much more to writing a book than writing the book. If you want your name to be recognizable and your books to be familiar to avid readers, you must be at the top of your marketing game. Launching an author’s blog is one way to start building your writer’s brand. In fact, there are several … Read more