Writing a book? When should you delete a character?


Suffice it to say, the writing process is unique for every author. In fact, it’s also unique for an individual writer each time he or she begins a new project. An integral component of fiction writing is character development. Have you ever written a character into a story, only to later determine that he or … Read more

Verbosity versus laconic writing


How many are too many when it comes to word count? The answer depends on several factors, such as whether you’re writing an assignment for an employer, penning your next great novel or freestyling it at home for practice. If you earn an income as a copywriter, for instance, it would not be uncommon for … Read more

5 good reasons to write a book

write a book

Whether fiction or non-fiction, putting your thoughts in writing and into “book form” is a hefty endeavor. Perhaps you’re one of those people who have thought of doing it because others are always saying, “You should be a writer.” Maybe you’ve asked yourself if you should write a book on more than one occasion. If … Read more

How old is ‘too old’ to become a writer?

too old

The answer to this question is that there is no age at which you become too old to become a writer. Some people have felt a desire to write from the time they are young. Others may be focused or interested in other things until later in life. There are also people who would like … Read more

Read this to stop confusing affect and effect

affect or effect

Even with spell and grammar check capabilities, many writers still fall into the bad habit of confusing certain words. Lots of times, such words will include homonyms, such as stake and steak or brake and break. However, there are two particular words that seem to give many writers a difficult time: affect versus effect.  Misuse … Read more