3 types of narration for your story


When you’re writing a fiction novel, you might use first, second or third person point of view to tell the story. You might also choose narration as the means of conveying the story’s unfolding to the reader. Within this category of story-telling, there are several types of narration. Choosing one type over another can have … Read more

Here’s why you can have dyslexia AND be a writer


If you’re one of the estimated 10% of people throughout the United States who have dyslexia, your school years may have been quite challenging. Can you relate to others who have this condition and say they felt stupid in school or, worse, were called stupid by others? You may have thought (or still think, perhaps?) … Read more

Learn how to accept constructive criticism

Constructive Criticism

One of the first things to come to terms with as a writer is to acknowledge and accept that not everyone is going to like what you write. In fact, some people might hate it. It’s okay. Remember that especially on social media, people love to talk about things they hate. Does it really matter … Read more

3 good reasons to write something


Perhaps you’ve always entertained the idea that you’d like to try your hand at writing, but you’ve never followed through on it because of self-doubt. You think: Me? A writer? Well, I’m probably not good enough to do that. The thing to remember is that most, if not all, writers experience similar doubts at some … Read more