3 types of editing that polish a manuscript


When you’re writing a novel, there’s always a question of how many times you should revise the manuscript. While there isn’t an exact number, all writers must come to a point where they’re comfortable, if not completely satisfied (because what writer is ever completely satisfied?) with their stories. Quality editing can help a writer to … Read more

Lack of these 2 things causes writer’s block

writer’s block

Whether you’re a professional writer or merely engage in writing as a hobby, you have no doubt encountered times when you can’t seem to get into the flow. You might have the best of intentions when you sit down at your computer or with pen and paper in hand, only to stare at a blank … Read more

Teach kids to blog for creative writing


For many years now, there has been a literacy crisis in America. Reading and writing are so closely linked that when a child lacks the skills to do one, he or she will no doubt also struggle with the other. Encouraging reading in the home is a must if we, as a society, ever hope … Read more

A nature walk will boost your creativity

nature walk

Whether writing is a side-passion, a hobby in your life or your primary source of income, there are bound to be days when you do not feel like you’re reaching your creative peak. Especially if you write five to seven days per week, it’s not uncommon to encounter challenges regarding creativity. The next time you … Read more