Obscure trends of best-selling novels


While various genres of books may take center stage in popularity among avid readers from time to time, some types of stories never seem to lose traction in the marketing world. For instance, romance novels and mysteries/thrillers consistently rank high on most lists for trending story styles. It’s difficult to determine what readers might love … Read more

The hardcover versus softcover book debate


When you’ve brought your dream to fruition of writing a fiction novel manuscript and having it accepted by a publisher, you’ll face numerous decisions. For example, you’ll work with your publishing and design teams to choose a book cover for your novel. This is an important decision because cover design makes a first impression. In … Read more

Things to know about collaborative fiction

collaborative fiction

Think of the many tasks and duties or projects in the workplace that are easier to accomplish when working as a team rather than individually. For example, if you work for a large advertising company and have been given a deadline that doesn’t allow much time, working as a team can help. Each team member … Read more