Avoid these mistakes before submitting a manuscript


Fiction novels typically come to be in one of two ways: as the final product of a writer’s effort that may have taken months (or several years) to complete, or a story that suddenly and overwhelmingly took form in a writer’s mind so that he or she had to sit down immediately to start writing, completing an entire … Read more

How mysterious should a mystery be?


Numerous genres comprise the fiction industry. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at a few. Then again, you might relate to many authors who discover their talent in a specific category, so they stick with that genre. Their goal is to be prolific and become known for that realm, (I.e. “best-selling romance novelist”). Whether you’ve dabbled in … Read more

Novelization is an interesting creative writing challenge


Thinking back, you can no doubt easily compile a list of blockbuster movies that were based on novels. To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Oz are a few examples. Literary fans often shirk the movie adaptation of their favorite novels, saying Hollywood more-often-than-not “ruins” the stories. Avid readers can … Read more