Who owns the text of an AI-generated novel?


The more advanced technology becomes, the more complex the legal issues associated with it become as well. Intellectual property law is a booming niche in the legal industry. Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is a useful tool in the modern world. Business owners, students, artists and even authors use it to create content. In fact, you … Read more

Answers that readers need on your first page

first page

There’s a saying in the publishing industry that the last page of a book sells the next book. If you think about it, there’s truth to the statement. Just as important, however, is attracting attention and drawing a reader into the first page of your fiction story. After all, if readers don’t like what they … Read more

3 writing tips for Wanna-Be authors with busy lives


The average adult in modern society understands what it’s like to stress over time constraints. Many people have full-time jobs, and some have side hustles happening simultaneously. Marriages, careers, family life and a myriad of other obligations often leave little time for personal pursuits, such as writing a novel. In this post, you’ll discover three … Read more