5 ways to build confidence as a writer


If you were to survey all of the writers in the United States, how many do you think would answer ”Yes,” if you were to ask them if they like to read their own work? Chances are, not too many. Most writers do not want to read their own work, at least after it’s published. … Read more

Stephen King’s advice for writers

Stephen King

Whether you’re a horror enthusiast or prefer a gentler genre for reading, you must admit that Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors of all time. With more than 90 novels to his name, including sci-fi, fantasy, crime and more, several of King’s stories have been made into films. With this background, most … Read more

New writer? Avoid these 3 mistakes

new writer

Many people consider writing an art form. Then again, you would likely have no trouble finding a bunch of folks (especially students) who think of it more as the bane of their existence. No matter how an individual might personally feel about writing, almost everyone would agree that it serves many purposes in life.  Writing … Read more

Finding time to read in a busy world


If you like to read or are a writer, you might find it more and more challenging to find time to engage in this hobby. Life is busy, right? Especially if you own a business, work full-time outside the home, and even more so if you have children, taking time for yourself to enjoy a … Read more