If your book has these elements, it might be a best-seller


Most writers dream of becoming a best-selling author someday. With a global audience, anything is possible. Some books are more likely to hit the best-seller lists than others, however. Why is that? It might be because top-selling books often have several elements in common.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that if your book does not have … Read more

Do you make these common grammar mistakes?


Is there really such a thing as perfect grammar? It seems logical to assume that the average person will make grammar mistakes now and then. Writers make them, too—heck, even editors make them. However, with a system of checks and balances in place (I.e., writers submitting their work to editors for review) such errors can … Read more

Use these 3 tips to choose your next book idea

book idea

Ideas, ideas, ideas—writers are full of them—or, at least, should be, if they hope to earn a living at their craft. If you happen to be a best-selling author or have gained celebrity status in a certain niche (e.g., world famous inspirational speaker) you could probably write just about anything, and people would buy it. … Read more

3 things authors should know about divorce


If you plan on earning a living from writing books, you’ll have a lot to learn about the publishing process, marketing, royalties and other financial issues. There are several key issues to be aware of if you happen to be a married person who is contemplating divorce. What do these two topics have to do … Read more