5 great read-aloud stories for Christmas


If you’ve been wanting to restore the traditional practice of family read-aloud time, then the Christmas season is the perfect time to start. If you have children in various age groups in your family, you can choose selections accordingly, something simple and full of beautiful illustrations for the younger kids, followed by some longer chapter … Read more

7 reasons why BOOKS make great Christmas gifts


We all take advantage of advanced technology in our daily lives. Computers, the internet, Bluetooth and more, are valuable tools that add convenience and support to our work and home life. Such tools help millions of people, including authors, to generate income. Living in a modern world doesn’t negate the value of books and, more … Read more

Here’s why you need a special writing space

writing space

As a fiction author, you step into a world of make believe every time you sit down to write. Creative thinking is a key to success in the fiction space. Speaking of spaces, you should have a unique space set aside at home that is only used for writing. Its location and style are your choice, and … Read more

4 helpful tips for new authors


Whether you have always aspired to become an author or people have suggested that you write a book, you may have finally decided to act. Either way, if you’re new to the writing industry but hope to have a book published, there are several key issues to keep in mind.  While there are industry standards, … Read more