Post: Here’s why you need a special writing space

writing space

As a fiction author, you step into a world of make believe every time you sit down to write. Creative thinking is a key to success in the fiction space. Speaking of spaces, you should have a unique space set aside at home that is only used for writing. Its location and style are your choice, and this post provides some helpful ideas on why you might choose one type of space over another. 

Creating a writing space that stimulates free-thinking, makes you feel comfortable, and helps you stay focused is a step toward becoming a published author. If you have a space that isn’t a good fit, take a walk around the house and consider other options. You don’t want is to feel stuck in a space where you don’t enjoy writing or are not productive. 

Find a table or desk that fits your style and inspires you to write

No two authors are the same, and you must create a writing space that suits your personality. If you describe yourself as old-fashioned or traditional, you might want to find a cool-looking, antique writing table or something you can renovate to look like one. 

If you are the eccentric type, on the other hand, incorporate some unorthodox ideas into your writing space. A writing table shaped like a toadstool, or some other interesting effects might better suit your disposition. 

Consider your household dynamic when creating a writing space

If your spouse, children, or pets tend to make a lot of noise around the house, you’ll want to avoid heavy traffic areas when choosing a writing space. To be a fiction author, you must be able to think outside the box, which can be difficult if you’re constantly distracted by sounds and activities in the background.

If you work best when there’s music or a bit of white noise, you can use a device or your cell phone to run a playlist while you work. You can also select background noise like rainfall or mysterious-sounding music, depending on what you’re writing at the time. 

What if there’s no good writing space in your house?

writing space doesn’t necessarily have to be located inside your home, or inside at all, for that matter. You might have a space on your porch or at a local park that stimulates creative thinking and allows enough privacy for you to focus on writing. 

You might choose a writing space at a local library or café, as well. The point is to select one space that you will use only for writing. It will be a space set aside, a place where you leave this world in a figurative sense and enter the world of fiction. It doesn’t matter so much where it is or what it looks like, as long as it enables you to do your best work.