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You may or may not already know that your website is your professional presence online. No matter what kind of writing you do, publishers, potential readers, clients, reviewers and other professionals WILL look for you online.

In this business, an amazing query letter is no longer enough to get you noticed as an author. Publisher’s inboxes are overrun with letters just like yours, so to determine who they want to work with, they turn elsewhere.

Yes! Your online presence DOES matter. Nowadays, digital content (e-books and Kindle) makes up about 42% of all book sales. Not only that, but it’s rare for a reader to spend money on a book, paper or otherwise, without first looking into the author and his/her style. People want to know what they’re spending money on, and they want to know you as a writer.

Plus, let’s be real, a website is just plain expected.

As an author, or aspiring author, you need an online identity. Publishers expect you – and need you – to do a lot of marketing on your own. Use your website to promote new work, inform readers of exciting news like book signings and new deals, use your website’s blog to give readers a taste of things to come… the possibilities are endless.

And, maybe most importantly, use your site to grow your email list. This is the first place your biggest fans will come, and they should be the first to know when you’re up to exciting new things! Offer a free chapter or other material as an incentive for signing up and keep in contact with your followers every so often as you pen new manuscripts.

Still undecided about pulling the trigger on your author website? Google Stephen King. What comes up first? In fact, Google most any writer who is even marginally successful, and you’ll find that they maintain a website. Period.

A Vertu author website offers a number of different template options. We work with WordPress and you can choose your “style” well before we get started. We keep this process simple. Pick your layout, pick your colors, upload your author photo (and others if you want) and boom. You even have the option of writing your own content, or having our professional writers do it for you!

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The development of your site can take up to 4 weeks, depending on the options you choose. But don’t worry; we will be in contact with you along the way, providing updates and info as we go.

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