Pre-Submission Reviews

Pre-submission reviews are exactly what they seem – reviews that are done BEFORE you submit your manuscript to ANY publisher (not just us).

The Pre-Submission Review is often called an Editorial Letter and help you pinpoint and correct your manuscripts “big picture” needs.

During our process, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your manuscript and make professional recommendations about what it needs to really sing. Are there plot holes in your novel? Are you missing an arc in your story? Will kids actually like your young reader series? Is that devotional too long? Too short? Is your deep dive into the life of Pontius Pilate deep enough to be considered a reference book? What does your work need to be “publishable?” We will tell you exactly what we think and what we recommend you amend before you submit your manuscript for consideration by any publisher.

Vertu Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts from Christian authors only, but our review  service is open to everyone, regardless of genre.* Our team of word wizards will offer you honest, professional, invaluable feedback, advice and recommendations so you can turn your manuscript into a masterpiece. This step in the book-development process will dramatically improve your odds in the publishing game and, perhaps even better; it will make you a better writer as you press forward.

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Turnaround Time

Edits can take up to four weeks, but most are done within two. The duration of the work depends solely on the nature of the subject matter and the length of manuscript submitted. But don’t worry; we will be in contact with you along the way, providing updates and info as we go.

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*Vertu Publishing reserves the right to refuse service and return/refund products that are out of keeping with our code of ethics, considered dangerous, slanderous, incendiary, illegal etc. If you submit a manuscript for pre-submission work that is rejected by our review team, you will be notified in writing and will receive a refund of your payment.