Professional Book Cover Design

A well-designed book cover is money in the bank – financial capital in literary form.

It’s no secret that book covers are of vital importance to readers. A book cover is always a reader’s first impression of your work. In a sea of options, what will make your book stand out? Will your work speak to readers before they even read the first page?  But, more than that, a well-designed book cover can be invaluable to any author who’s trying to increase his or her credibility and visibility in a specific genre. Covery imagery can be used to advertise and promote books in the media, on book jackets, websites, emails, at book signings and more. Yes, we are a traditional publishing company, but we’re also a resource for ALL authors and we offer a variety of products and services and information to help put the power back into the artists’ hands.


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Turnaround window is maximum 14-business days, with a typical turnaround of three-to-five business days.

$300 – Guaranteed three-business-day delivery (after initial designs specs are confirmed).
$400 – Guaranteed two-business-day delivery (after initial designs specs are confirmed).

*Each delivery includes a fully prepped cover design delivered in multiple print-ready formats, as well as a digitally maximized version for use with e-book product listings and promotions.

Use the instructions below to upload your specifications. You do NOT need to upload your full manuscript in order to use this service.

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*Vertu Publishing reserves the right to refuse service and return/refund products that are out of keeping with our code of ethics, considered dangerous, slanderous, incendiary, illegal etc. If you submit a manuscript for pre-submission work that is rejected by our review team, you will be notified in writing and will receive a refund of your payment.