Developmental Editing

Are you having trouble bringing your concept full circle? Maybe you have a great vision for your book, but your manuscript is choppy or disorganized. Or, maybe, you have a manuscript, but you need help bridging gaps. That’s where developmental editing comes into play. Developmental editors are not only technical wordsmiths, they’re also creative thinkers who have a knack for turning ideas into well-written works of art. A developmental editor can take a disjointed manuscript and transform it into professional workable copy. If you choose to work with a developmental editor, you’ll be part of the process every step of the way. This facet of manuscript prep requires collaboration and communication.

Developmental editing refers to edits that aim to improve the concepts, content and structure of a manuscript. Developmental editing is very, very different from copyediting and proofing.

At Vertu, our Developmental Editing Service focuses solely on substantive edits.

Substantive editing usually comes after an author has made changes to his or her manuscript based on editorial letters (what Vertu calls a Pre-Submission Review). Substantive editing is returned to the author in the form of comments and mark-ups in the margins and between the lines. Back in “the olden days,” developmental editors used lots of ink to scratch out substantive edits. These days though, Microsoft Word’s Track Changes Function makes substantive edits easier to read and process. Substantive edits are more targeted, more detailed and far more specific than editorial letters. They zero in on scenes and sentences in ways the author may never have considered. How can this manuscript be better? How can we say this or that in a more impactful way? Developmental editors are creative thinkers with a keen ability to collaborate. Their work should never replace a good copyedit, because there’s a big difference between concept development and technical execution.

On a smaller scale, substantive editing can border on what we call “ghostwriting,” as editors will likely introduce new sentences and paragraphs into the manuscript, then allowing the author to claim the work as his or her own.

Do you need this level of editing? Only you can decide. The answer varies per writer. We suggest you start with a Pre-Submission Review. Use that in your decision making process. If you decide you need developmental editing, you know where to find us.

Vertu Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts from Christian authors only, but our developmental editing service is open to everyone, regardless of genre.* Our team of word wizards will return to you the most dynamic, creative, best-it-can-be manuscript possible.  This step in the book-development process will dramatically improve your odds in the publishing game and, perhaps even better; it will make you a better writer as you press forward.

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Turnaround Time

Edits can take up to four weeks, but most are done within two. The duration of the work depends solely on the nature of the subject matter and the length of manuscript submitted. But don’t worry; we will be in contact with you along the way, providing updates and info as we go.

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