Post: 4 helpful tips for new authors


Whether you have always aspired to become an author or people have suggested that you write a book, you may have finally decided to act. Either way, if you’re new to the writing industry but hope to have a book published, there are several key issues to keep in mind. 

While there are industry standards, legal implications, and other issues that may influence your writing, you must ultimately create works that are true to your own style and purpose. Establishing the right connections for encouragement and support can keep you focused and determined in pursuit of your goals.

New authors should not underestimate the value of editors and proofreaders

In a perfect world, you could write book after book without a single grammatical error. The reality is that, while you may have read your own manuscript a thousand times and think it’s ready for submission, you have undoubtedly overlooked mistakes. Working with editors and proofreaders is the key to success for new authors who want to get their manuscript in tip-top shape before sending it to publishers for consideration. 

You might think that having friends and family members read over your work is sufficient, but it’s not. A trained, professional eye is needed to catch mistakes and suggest revisions. 

Publishing a book puts it in print, but doesn’t sell it

Many new authors mistakenly of think that having a book published is the same as marketing the book. In fact, these are two separate issues. Publishing a book does not produce sales; you must market the book to sell it. 

It is best to begin marketing before the book is released. You can do this by talking it up on social media, as well as posting “Coming soon!” advertisements on your blog or website. If you don’t have a blog or website, start creating both as soon as you’re done reading this post. Authors should have online hubs where readers can learn more about them and their books. 

Deal with rejection graciously

It is not a matter of if you will face rejection when submitting your work to publishers, but how you will react to those inevitable rejections. Some of the most prolific, best-selling authors have had their manuscripts rejected many times before hitting it big on the best-seller lists. If possible, try to get constructive feedback from publishers who turn you away. This is a valuable learning tool that can help you improve your writing skills. 

Tenacity is a new author’s best quality

If you dream of becoming a published author, the only person who can stop you from making that dream a reality is yourself. Don’t quit. You must be determined. Mistakes, rejections, and delays can take you down or be stepping stones toward success. It’s a matter of perspective.

A recap of four helpful tips for new authors

Save this post and reference it periodically so that the following ideas will remain fresh in your mind:

  • Never submit a manuscript that hasn’t been properly proofread or edited.
  • Having a book published is not the same as selling books.
  • Accept rejections but keep moving forward. 
  • Don’t give up on your dream. 

Use these ideas as the cornerstone from which you can build a writing career. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.