Post: 7 reasons why BOOKS make great Christmas gifts


We all take advantage of advanced technology in our daily lives. Computers, the internet, Bluetooth and more, are valuable tools that add convenience and support to our work and home life. Such tools help millions of people, including authors, to generate income. Living in a modern world doesn’t negate the value of books and, more specifically, the value of reading printed books. 

If there aren’t avid readers in your household, it might be that they simply haven’t been encouraged to read or provided with ideas or books. Some people think reading is a boring activity, until someone gives them just the right book to reel them in, and they’re hooked for life! This post shares seven reasons why giving books as Christmas gifts is a great idea.  

The benefits of giving books as Christmas gifts

  • Gadgets, toys and trends typically lose their appeal in time, but a favorite book can be enjoyed again and again. It can be treasured for a lifetime and passed onto new generations. 
  • Many books fit inside a stocking. 
  • Reading has been shown to improve intelligence and stimulate creative thinking, as well as increase empathy and compassion.
  • Books are gifts you can give to all ages. 
  • You can add to your family legacy with a special book that you’ve inscribed to the recipient on the inside cover.
  • Books are less expensive than many other types of gifts.
  • You can help someone you love nurture a passion or interest or hobby.

In fact, you can take the last reason on the list and turn it into a themed gift-giving experience. For example, if you have a family member who is interested in learning charcuterie or another fancy food skill, you can give the gift of a book, along with a cute apron and kitchen supplies to get started! This theme idea can be applied to any hobby or interest. 

Reading is good for your brain

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, as well as many others, have conducted studies that show reading improves brain health. In fact, holding a hard copy book in your hands has positive effects on the brain that listening to audio books or scrolling on a Kindle device or other apparatus do not have. Reading boosts focus and stimulates creative thought. 

And, who knows? If you start giving books as gifts at Christmas time, you might inspire someone to become not only an avid reader, but a writer, as well!