3 books are perfect examples of climax


In the fiction space, there are several key factors that help authors create great stories. The characters must be fully developed, for instance, and the plot clearly defined. Most fiction novels also contain a central turning point where the protagonist in the story confronts the opposing force (antagonist). The literary term for this is “climax.” Successful fiction … Read more

10 glossary terms that are a must for writers


If you’re just “getting your feet wet” for the first time in the writing industry, you might hear a lot of buzzwords from other authors or publishers that you don’t necessarily understand. Expanding your writer’s vocabulary will make it easier to navigate the system, especially when you’re corresponding with an editor or publisher. In short, … Read more

Stephen King offers first draft advice in a guest blog

Stephen King

Prolific, popular, talented and successful—such words are sufficient to describe the author mentioned in the title of this blog post. He has published more than 60 novels, which have sold more than 400 million copies. Stephen King also writes under the pen name, “Richard Bachman.” Some time ago, he shared a guest blog post online … Read more

Famous authors weigh in on writer’s block

writer's block

If you’ve been active in the creative writing process for a significant length of time (perhaps longer than one year), you’ve no doubt encountered challenges in generating new ideas. You may have even experienced times when you sit staring at your computer screen for what feels like an eternity and not a single idea comes … Read more

What does it mean to be a prolific writer?


You’ve heard it said that the first thing you must do to become a writer is write. While it may sound cliché, it’s also true. You’ll never “become a writer” if you don’t write and write often. For those who hope to earn a living as an author, the goal is to be prolific. Think in … Read more