Do you use these time idioms?


An idiom is basically a string of words or phrases that have been colloquially established to have a certain meaning that cannot really be defined by the individual words being used. For example, if you were to say that it is “raining cats and dogs” outside today, most people would understand that you mean the … Read more

Author with dyslexia writes award winner


A newcomer to the fiction industry, Lisa Mathis, just took home the silver medal at the 2023 Book Fest Awards. Her thriller, “The Body Auction,” is taking the market by storm. Since Vertu Publishing made Lisa’s book available to the public, readers have been posting rave reviews. In addition to being proud of having a … Read more

Can colors evoke emotions in readers? 


Color psychology is the study of colors in connection with human emotions. Have you ever noticed that looking at certain colors makes you feel a particular way? Not only do studies show that colors can affect emotions, there’s also evidence that various issues, such as your age or cultural background, may have an impact on … Read more