Post: Author with dyslexia writes award winner


A newcomer to the fiction industry, Lisa Mathis, just took home the silver medal at the 2023 Book Fest Awards. Her thriller, “The Body Auction,” is taking the market by storm. Since Vertu Publishing made Lisa’s book available to the public, readers have been posting rave reviews. In addition to being proud of having a best seller on the market, Lisa recently posted on her Facebook page that her greatest accomplishment is “never giving up,” even when many people told her that she should. 

Lisa Mathis is dyslexic. Many people with this condition have suffered greatly when teachers, fellow students or others tell them they’re “stupid.” On the contrary, dyslexia has little to do with intelligence. It is a learning disability that primarily affects reading skills. A person with dyslexia might also struggle with reading comprehension, spelling and writing. When accolades began rolling in for “The Body Auction,” Lisa Mathis became a model who proves that dyslexia does not have to hold someone back from their dreams of becoming an author. 

Nursing came before writing for Lisa Mathis

Before becoming an author, Lisa Mathis was a nurse for 20 years. This was only possible because she didn’t listen to one of her professors, who frequently encouraged her to drop out of nursing school because she “wasn’t smart enough.” Lisa believed in herself and accomplished her goal, despite her instructor’s lack of confidence in her abilities. 

Many famous authors have dyslexia

Lisa Mathis has joined the ranks of other successful authors who happen to have dyslexia, including Jules Verne and F. Scott Fitzgerald. If you have dyslexia and want to be a writer there are a few things you should know. You can read more about it in this post from our archives.