7 writing secrets from the world’s greatest authors


Perhaps you’re a professional writer.  Or, maybe you have a dream and are working toward it. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try writing but keep talking yourself out of it because you “don’t have what it takes” or “don’t know how to begin.” Today’s writing secrets are for you!  Some of the world’s greatest authors have … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Write by Hand Instead of Typing Everything


Throughout the country, the “face of the classroom” has vastly changed in recent years. No longer do you find stacks and stacks of spiral notebooks and textbooks on students’ desks. The learning process now typically unfolds through electronic tablets. In addition to reading everything on a screen, students also type their work rather than writing … Read more

Finding The Inspiration To Write


Almost every author has experienced the burning desire to write without any of the inspiration that normally goes with it. While frustrating, there are better things to do than simply sit around and wait for an idea to strike. When you are a writer, you are often responsible for finding your own inspiration to write. … Read more