What To Do With A New Story Idea


As a writer, there is no telling when inspiration will strike. So what should you do when a new story idea hits out of nowhere? Well, you really only have three options: Write it Shelve it Toss it You will need to consider a few different factors when deciding how to handle your latest story … Read more

3 Non-Writing Activities To Boost Creativity

When and where is inspiration most likely to hit? While that answer is different for everyone, chances are it rarely happens exactly when you are sitting down to write. Inspiration usually strikes when you are in the middle of an unrelated task, often one that does not require too much thought. This means that you … Read more

Editing Your Manuscript Through A Critical Lens

No matter how much time and effort you put into creating a great first draft, it will still be far from perfect. This is where edits come in. Editing is an essential part of the book writing process, and it should begin long before you ever decide to start submitting to agents or publishing companies. … Read more

Should You Be Plotting Or Pantsing?

Ask a room full of authors “What’s the best way to write a book?” and you’re sure to get dozens of different answers. Some may say to first create a detailed outline along with a full list of characters and descriptions, while others might encourage you to sit down and just start typing words. This is … Read more