Why authors should stay hydrated


You might wonder what adequate daily water intake has to do with being a good writer. In fact, millions of people go through their career and home routines in a state of chronic dehydration. Most don’t even realize it. When you begin to understand the effects that chronic dehydration has on the body, you’ll also understand the … Read more

Don’t wait for a terminal diagnosis to write a book

write a book

How many people do you know (perhaps, yourself included) that have a dream but never take action to bring it to fruition? It’s easy to procrastinate and make excuses for not accomplishing our goals. We don’t have time. There’s not enough money in savings. We’re too old or too young. We don’t know the right … Read more

Include these things with your manuscript submission


It’s an exciting moment when you add a punctuation mark to the final sentence of the last chapter of the fiction novel you’ve been working on for months (or years). You no doubt feel a mix of emotions at that time. Perhaps you’re relieved that you’ve completed the project but also a tad bit sorrowful … Read more

Let your characters tell the story


When trying to set the scene or describe unfolding events to readers, it’s always best if an author keeps three letters in mind: SDT. These letters represent the phrase, “Show, don’t tell.” It can mean the difference between a good story and a great one. For example, you could write that your character is cold, … Read more