Do these 3 things to become a more prolific writer


If you write in a professional capacity, either part time or full time, you could probably benefit from increasing your productivity. There are many talented writers in the world, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s wonderful because it makes reading a lot more interesting. It also means that becoming a novelist or a copywriter or … Read more

Use these 4 building blocks to develop scenes


There’s a fine balance in writing where an author draws a reader in but doesn’t overwhelm him or her with too much of anything at once. Careful development of a scene holds a reader’s interest, but it can also allow “breathing room,” so the story moves at a comfortable pace. If you stick with one … Read more

Add some flare to the colors in your writing


Particularly for fiction writers, it’s not uncommon for there to be mentions of colors in a story. Whether you’re describing a setting, a person’s clothing, the sky or any number of other objects, you might incorporate a color to “drive the point home.” We often talk about keeping your writing concise, clear and simple here … Read more

Use these 5 tips to help with revisions


Before submitting a manuscript in the hopes of getting it published, it’s important to make sure that you, as the writer, have helped it achieve its full potential. It’s always best to carefully proofread and edit the material, preferably several times. In fact, it’s helpful to take advantage of a professional pre-submission review or developmental … Read more