Writing a novel—how long should it take?


If you read the title and are hoping to discover a concrete answer to the question in this post, you’re about to be disappointed because there isn’t one. However, what this post does contain is information that may be useful to fiction authors, especially those who are writing their first book. Writing a fiction novel … Read more

Can authors use AI to write books?


Plagiarism is typically defined as using another entity’s ideas or written work while attempting to pass it off as your own. It is basically a type of theft, and in some cases might constitute copyright infringement. However, what if the source from which you’ve obtained the content is artificial intelligence (AI)? Is this ethical? Can … Read more

Writers must choose fiction or non-fiction

fiction or non-fiction

Perhaps you’ve always felt that you “have it in you” to be a writer. Maybe you’re one of those people who actually enjoyed English class in high school. Then again, you might not be a grammar enthusiast as much as you are a creative thinker. You’ve been seriously considering giving it a go—writing professionally, that … Read more

Where do authors get their ideas for fiction/novels?


The answer might surprise you. In fact, there isn’t really “one” answer to the question. Most people get random ideas on occasion. However, what makes most people different from best-selling authors is that most people don’t typically make note of or remember their ideas. Their ideas come, then go. An entrepreneur, however, might be more … Read more

Great authors share these 5 attributes


Every writer is unique, although most adhere to accepted standards and fundamental teachings. Still, no two authors are the same, which is part of what makes reading such an enjoyable activity. If you were to get to know some of the best-selling authors of all time, however, you might notice that they have certain characteristics … Read more