What’s a pre-submission review, and how can it help you?


Working toward a goal of becoming a published author can be rewarding, yet challenging and sometimes stressful as well. Even if you’ve already had a book or two published in the past, each new venture is unique and may include setbacks or complications that weren’t present in a prior publishing experience.  There are several valuable … Read more

Being a good writer isn’t always about writing


When you have set a particular goal in life, there are typically numerous components to achieving it. For instance, if your goal is to improve your physical health, you might create a plan that involves multiple steps, such as making healthier food choices, getting more physical exercise and taking time for rest and recreation. You … Read more

The how and why of helping kids learn to write


Most writers are avid readers. Because of this, it’s logical to assume that people who do not read often or don’t know how to read likely do not have good writing skills. Unfortunately, only 17% or so of children ages nine to 11 have stories read to them on a regular basis. Some estimates state … Read more

 5 key points to help you choose the perfect book cover

book cover

It’s exciting to imagine books that you’ve written lining store shelves or showing up online when you search your name or a title. Perhaps you’ve been pumping out stories for a while now, or you are nearing the finish line after a long journey of writing the first-ever manuscript you hope to have published. Either … Read more

Use this guide when choosing a genre


Feeling that you were called to be a writer and knowing what to write are two entirely separate issues. One is about making an overall choice to write. The other is about the writing process. It’s not uncommon for a novice writer to feel unsure when choosing a genre. Just because you choose a specific … Read more