Post: These 5 things will inspire you to write


Whether you’re a budding author or someone who has published many novels, you’ll no doubt agree that the writing process can, at times, be frustrating, grueling and stressful. Many successful authors say that if you sit around “waiting for inspiration” you’ll never write a book. It’s best to just keep writing, even if you don’t really feel like doing it. 

However, what writer doesn’t appreciate a bit of inspiration occasionally? Inspiration can help an author feel refreshed, energized and rejuvenated. This is true for fiction writers, as well as those who work as journalists, copywriters or in other aspects of the writing industry. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are longing for inspiration, it’s fine, and you’re not alone in your struggle, but where can you find it? Keep reading, and you’ll discover five ways to get inspired to write. 

These 2 colors spark writing inspiration

If you want to feel inspired, take some time to gaze at the sky or the ocean or a grove of trees. In fact, research shows that looking at any objects that are blue or green sparks creativity and evokes feelings of inspiration. Spending time in nature also inspires writers, so you’re getting a double dose of inspiration by being outdoors and looking at things that are blue or green. 

Meet new people and listen to their stories

It’s nice to have likeminded friends in life. However, if you never reach out to people who are different from you, chances are, you’re losing out on many opportunities to feel inspired. Meeting new people and hearing their life stories, especially if they have overcome significant trials or hardships, may inspire you to write. 

If you’re working on a particular story and having trouble developing a character or building the rise in action, etc., head out to a new place for the day and strike up conversations with interesting-looking people. For example, if you’re writing a historical fiction novel about WWII, try to meet a veteran or civilian who lived through those times. 

Compile a creativity box

Have you ever been walking along when a random idea suddenly pops into your head, and you think, “That would make a great story,” or “I can create a character like this,”? Never disregard such thoughts, even if you’re already working on another project.

 Try creating a creativity box or a box of inspiration. When an idea strikes or you see something interesting or hear something that inspires you, write it down, take a picture of it or pick up the object (I.e., a beautiful leaf, a seashell, a coin, etc.) and place it in your box. When you feel a need for inspiration, rummage through your creativity box.

Switch to writing in long-hand for a change

Writing in long-hand (preferably in cursive) activates different processes and areas of the brain than typing on a keyboard does. Various styles of pens or markers, creating borders alongside a page and other long-handwriting activities can boost inspiration. 

Learn a new hobby or skill

If you plan to earn a living as a writer, you must develop the skill of being able to say the same things in unique ways. Have you ever felt like you’re writing the same things over and over again? This is one step away from the dreaded writer’s block. Learning a new skill or hobby is a great way to feel inspired, which can carry over into your writing sessions. 

Next time you feel a need for inspiration, try some of these suggestions. You might be surprised at how quickly the ideas start to flow.