Format properly before submitting for publishing


If you want a publisher to consider your manuscript, there are several issues to keep in mind before submitting your work. Many publishers have certain requirements that must be met before they will agree to review your manuscript. For instance, Vertu Publishing uses specific guidelines for writers to ensure that their manuscripts are in proper … Read more

Your writing will be clearer if you do these 3 things


Have you ever read a book, report or other piece of literature only to feel you have no clue what the author was talking about? You may read the same lines over and over asking yourself, “Okay, wait. What is he/she trying to say here?” Another frustrating reading experience occurs when you understand what the … Read more

The 4 primary elements of a good query letter

query letter

If you’re trying to get a publisher to accept your manuscript, then you’re a salesperson, as well as a writer. Think of the door-to-door salesmen of the past. They had products to push and a well-rehearsed spiel to help them get the job done. As a writer, your “spiel” is your query letter—the letter you … Read more

If your book has these elements, it might be a best-seller


Most writers dream of becoming a best-selling author someday. With a global audience, anything is possible. Some books are more likely to hit the best-seller lists than others, however. Why is that? It might be because top-selling books often have several elements in common.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that if your book does not have … Read more

Do you make these common grammar mistakes?


Is there really such a thing as perfect grammar? It seems logical to assume that the average person will make grammar mistakes now and then. Writers make them, too—heck, even editors make them. However, with a system of checks and balances in place (I.e., writers submitting their work to editors for review) such errors can … Read more

Use these 3 tips to choose your next book idea

book idea

Ideas, ideas, ideas—writers are full of them—or, at least, should be, if they hope to earn a living at their craft. If you happen to be a best-selling author or have gained celebrity status in a certain niche (e.g., world famous inspirational speaker) you could probably write just about anything, and people would buy it. … Read more

3 things authors should know about divorce


If you plan on earning a living from writing books, you’ll have a lot to learn about the publishing process, marketing, royalties and other financial issues. There are several key issues to be aware of if you happen to be a married person who is contemplating divorce. What do these two topics have to do … Read more

Lessons to be learned from these famous quotes


There’s likely not a writer alive who has not, at some point, experienced frustration in the task. People attend workshops and tap into myriad resources to help them overcome “writer’s block” or to improve their skills in various ways. If there’s one quality that’s essential to being a writer, it’s “perseverance.” Some people like to … Read more

Start building your online presence before you’re published

online presence

Imagine your dream of becoming a best-selling author coming true. A publisher accepts your manuscript. Your story becomes available for purchase, and boom! It goes viral! Everybody wants to read it, and anyone who’s anyone in the writing and publishing industry wants to talk to you! Podcasters want to invite you on their programs. The … Read more

What happens in the copy-editing process?


Before we address the topic of this blog, there’s something you should know: It is always—as in, always-100%-of-the-time, a bad idea to submit a manuscript for publishing consideration without first sending it through a thorough (and preferably professional) copy-editing process. Sadly, many writers do just that, only to receive polite rejection letters and be left … Read more