Let your characters tell the story


When trying to set the scene or describe unfolding events to readers, it’s always best if an author keeps three letters in mind: SDT. These letters represent the phrase, “Show, don’t tell.” It can mean the difference between a good story and a great one. For example, you could write that your character is cold, … Read more

Obscure trends of best-selling fiction novels


While various genres of books may take center stage in popularity among avid readers from time to time, some types of stories never seem to lose traction in the marketing world. For instance, romance novels and mysteries/thrillers consistently rank high on most lists for trending story styles. It’s difficult to determine what readers might love … Read more

The hardcover versus softcover book debate


When you’ve brought your dream to fruition of writing a fiction novel manuscript and having it accepted by a publisher, you’ll face numerous decisions. For example, you’ll work with your publishing and design teams to choose a book cover for your novel. This is an important decision because cover design makes a first impression. In … Read more

Things to know about collaborative fiction

collaborative fiction

Think of the many tasks and duties or projects in the workplace that are easier to accomplish when working as a team rather than individually. For example, if you work for a large advertising company and have been given a deadline that doesn’t allow much time, working as a team can help. Each team member … Read more

Avoid these mistakes before submitting a manuscript


Fiction novels typically come to be in one of two ways: as the final product of a writer’s effort that may have taken months (or several years) to complete, or a story that suddenly and overwhelmingly took form in a writer’s mind so that he or she had to sit down immediately to start writing, completing an entire … Read more

How mysterious should a mystery be?


Numerous genres comprise the fiction industry. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at a few. Then again, you might relate to many authors who discover their talent in a specific category, so they stick with that genre. Their goal is to be prolific and become known for that realm, (I.e. “best-selling romance novelist”). Whether you’ve dabbled in … Read more

Novelization is an interesting creative writing challenge


Thinking back, you can no doubt easily compile a list of blockbuster movies that were based on novels. To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Oz are a few examples. Literary fans often shirk the movie adaptation of their favorite novels, saying Hollywood more-often-than-not “ruins” the stories. Avid readers can … Read more

The 3 keys to a great tragedy


Authors who write tragic tales often feel conflicted about their craft. After all, their main goal is to cause their readers emotional upheaval, devastation and sorrow. If a reader reaches for a box of tissues while flipping pages, the goal is accomplished! Writing a great tragedy can be challenging.  It’s helpful to keep three key … Read more

4 great post ideas for your author’s blog


Readers who love fiction want to feel connected to the characters in their books. If they find themselves being drawn to a particular author, they might also enjoy staying updated on his or her work. Readers often follow their favorite authors on social media and subscribe to their email lists or blog. If you’re an … Read more

5 ways to improve your writing skills this year


As we ring in a new year, many of us set goals, which may include things we hope to accomplish in our careers, finances, relationships or personal lives. As opposed to a bucket list, which often features things we hope to do before we die, the goals we set for a new year are often … Read more