Editing Your Manuscript Through A Critical Lens

No matter how much time and effort you put into creating a great first draft, it will still be far from perfect. This is where edits come in. Editing is an essential part of the book writing process, and it should begin long before you ever decide to start submitting to agents or publishing companies. … Read more

Should You Be Plotting Or Pantsing?

Ask a room full of authors “What’s the best way to write a book?” and you’re sure to get dozens of different answers. Some may say to first create a detailed outline along with a full list of characters and descriptions, while others might encourage you to sit down and just start typing words. This is … Read more

How To Establish A Writing Routine

writing routine

Every writer needs a few useful things in their toolbox. A healthy dose of creativity, inspiration and a bit of talent all go a long way in a writing career. However, these skills might not amount to much if you are not making time to put them to good use. Creating—and sticking to—a writing routine … Read more

3 Writing Exercises For When You’re In A Slump


Writing comes easily on some days, with words flowing effortlessly as your fingers fly across the keyboards. Other days, the idea of writing feels about as thrilling as getting a tooth pulled. Unfortunately as a writer, you need to find a way to get to work even on the days when your craft is not … Read more

How To Find The Right Beta Reader

beta reader

While writing the ending to your novel might just be one of the greatest feelings in the world, your work is far from done. On top of revisions and edits, you still need one more thing—beta readers. Beta readers play an integral role in the book writing and publishing business. These readers are usually just … Read more

What To Do When A Publisher Rejects Your Book


Writers put pieces of themselves into each and every work they produce, which is one of the reasons it can be so devastating when a publisher rejects your submission. One, two or even half a dozen rejections is far from the end of your career as an author, however. A hallmark of a successful author … Read more

The Best Social Media Platforms For Writers

social media

Succeeding as an author requires hard work, ingenuity and a whole lot of social media savvy. Social media is one of the best places for you to market yourself and your books, and having an established presence can even come in handy when you are looking for a publisher. If the idea of launching yourself … Read more

4 Ways To Stand Out As An Author

stand out

Like every author, you have a story to tell. However, with as many as 1 million new books that hit the U.S. market every year, standing out might be starting to feel impossible. So what can you do about it? It’s time to get creative. There are a few things you can do right off the … Read more

Embracing Change to Become a Better Writer

None of us are perfect, me least of all – and in our imperfection, we often create “fences” for ourselves. We create “rules” that don’t serve us and don’t serve those around us. But for some reason, we find it difficult to both a) recognize when we’ve created hindering rules, and b) change them once … Read more

The hopeful author

You may not realize this, but becoming an author is, in a sense, becoming a business owner. You are the CEO of your writing career. It’s not enough to WRITE well, if you can’t SELL what you write. People must have a desire to read what you write, or that title of “author” becomes an … Read more