Post: Will AI put authors and writers out of a job?


There’s nothing anyone can do to stop progress in the modern world. In recent decades, great strides have been made to boost advanced technology in ways that our forefathers could never have imagined. A top-trending issue right now is AI, which stands for “artificial intelligence.” AI is basically computer-generated or computer-controlled robotics that enable machines to perform tasks previously reserved for humans. Such tasks typically require discernment or human reasoning skills (I.e., “intelligence”). 

More than 1 billion dollars in funding from the likes of Elon Musk and Microsoft have enabled software developers and others to create AI systems that now have a startling ability to do things only humans used to be able to do, like write a book. Many people, including authors and writers, are concerned and worried that they will soon be out of a job, replaced by AI and robots that run on AI-generated abilities. There was a time in America when most private citizens would have agreed that robots could never fully replace the need for human beings in the workforce. Now, people are not so sure about that.

Sudowrite is an AI platform that helps authors and writers with creativity

A recent online article posted by Vanity Fair shares information about Sudowrite. This is a machine-learning platform that is designed to help authors and writers boost creativity. Unfortunately, if you experiment with this online tool, you’ll quickly notice that it can produce quality creative content. It can even write a book for you. You simply type in a prompt sentence, and the AI system does the rest. 

You can even make suggestions for revisions, which Sudowrite will then take care of for you. Look at the example text included in the Vanity Fair post. That paragraph makes for a pretty darn good suspense story; don’t you think? As platforms like Sudowrite and other AI systems are refined, what’s to keep them from making human writers obsolete? 

Machines are not capable of human emotion

The one thing humans possess, which not even the most sophisticated AI system has, is emotion. Artificial intelligence can replicate anything that exists in the digital compilation of information throughout the world. It cannot “feel” emotion, however, because it’s not a living human being. However, as the software is tweaked and developed and becomes more sophisticated, AI systems will “understand” events and experiences. This means an AI program will be able to do things like report news stories or current events, such as daily stock market happenings. 

Those of us who earn a living by writing should be encouraged by the fact that the founder of Sudowrite himself does not believe AI will ever entirely replace human authors and writers. He says to think of these systems like predictive texts on an iPhone. (If you go back to the example linked earlier in this post, however, you’ll notice right away that it is a lot more sophisticated than a predictive text message.) Amit Gupta (Sudowrite creator) believes human authors and writers will work alongside AI but will still hold their places in journalism and the creative writing industry. What do you think?