Book: Hangdog II Rebirth

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The road to restoration isn’t always smooth. The McKnight family has overcome unbelievable odds and experienced untold miracles in their battle against tragedy. As they struggle to find a new “normal,” they’ll soon learn that life doesn’t always play fair, guilt is a ruthless enemy and betrayal can come from the most unexpected places. As change carries them down unforseen and harrowing roads, it becomes clear that faith may just be the only weapon they have.

About the Author: Tylie Vaughan Eaves

Lover of One God, wife of one man, mother of three sons, creator at heart, and a Jill of all trades – master of, well, a few. Tylie Eaves is an author, laugher, wifer, and full-time tamer of a small herd of wild animals dressed in human bodies…

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What Other's Are Saying

I highly recommend this book… If you believe in God, this book will remind you of His mercies, no matter how bad we mess up.

…thankful for another heartfelt, Christ-honoring book.

I’m already giving it five stars and I’m just three chapters in. I literally can’t put it down…

The faith message is so powerful and engaging…

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Publication Specifications:
  • Publish Date: 01/30/2019
  • ISBN: 0692176705
  • Available Formats: Paperback and Kindle
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