Author: Tylie Vaughan Eaves

Lover of One God, wife of one man, mother of three sons, creator at heart, and a Jill of all trades – master of, well, a few.

Tylie Eaves is an author, laugher, wifer, and full-time tamer of a small herd of wild animals dressed in human bodies. Born in East Tennessee, she graduated from Sullivan South High School in 1999 and married Wade Eaves, a.k.a. the cute boy from criminal justice class, in 2003. She attended East Tennessee State University and majored in subjects she has yet to use in her career.

She followed the cute boy from criminal justice class all over the world, and amassed an impressively disjointed professional resume of her own, as his career with the United States Air Force began to flourish. They welcomed their first wild animal, an adorable bundle they named Noah, in January of 2007. Noah was followed closely by wild animal número dos, Caleb, in 2008. And their grand finale, Isaac, joined the pack in 2011.

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Author Tylie Eaves sitting on some steps with her book on her lap