Book: Truth – COMING SOON

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In the year 1584, Cardinal d’Armagnac discloses a startling revelation about God and the world, derived from a mysterious book, to Pope Gregory XIII. Despite the Pope’s insistence on controlling the congregation’s beliefs, he orders the cardinal to lock the book away in the Vatican Secret Archives. However, going against the Pope’s command, the cardinal instructs his servant to hide the book in an undisclosed location, also entrusting copies to Father Giordano Bruno in England.

Years later, Giordano Bruno returns to Italy, only to face denouncement by the Venetian Inquisition, leading to his execution in 1600 for heresy. During the trial, Cardinal Giovanni Aldobrandini, Bruno’s former student, encounters a mysterious language that baffles him: SI HAKA DAOÎ HAR’AKT ÎB • ARVDA. Over 25 years later, the hidden mystery begins to unfold. Matteo, a young man from Pisa under Galileo Galilei’s care, and a witch named Adreana both witness inexplicable events. Adreana, broken by the death of her cult leader, makes a pact with the devil at a Rome graveyard.

Simultaneously, Pope Urban VIII summons Galileo to Rome, and Matteo, following a puzzle, stumbles upon the same graveyard as Adreana. Unbeknownst to them, the Pope declares the presence of witches in Rome. Fearing for their lives, Matteo and Adreana flee the city, chased through the night. As they escape, the question remains: where will destiny lead them, and will they unravel the mysteries that have only just begun?

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