Book: Bulletproof-ISH

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The Not-Exactly-Bulletproof Diet Program

A Quick, Easy-to-Understand Bulletproof-ish Weight Loss Plan for Regular People on Regular-People Budgets

This quick read is available in e-book and audiobook formats only. It’s a breath of fresh air in diet and weight loss literature.

The author provides a “regular person” modified approach to another popular weight loss method and spells out the process in this quick-start guide “bulletproof-ish.” She offers readers an alternative to the long-form self-help scientific study and time-consumptive biohacking culture that has taken over the diet industry by laying out simple step-by-step instructions and options in a relatable book that is sure to put a smile on your face AND some extra space between your waist and your belt.

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What Others Are Saying

★★★★★ So easy to follow. Simple, straight forward, quick – I was started literally the next day. Plus it works. I don’t have time to “biohack” my cells and all that other super science stuff I read in The Bulletproof Diet. I think Dave Asprey is brilliant, but, dude, I have four kids and I work full time as an office manager for an auto mechanic. I shop at Food Lion, Walmart, Aldi and the DG – I don’t have the budget for Whole Foods or organic, grass fed antibiotic free Wygu beef and stuff. This was exactly what I needed and I’m very happy with it so far.

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