Author: Jesse Broadt

Jesse Broadt is a professional web content writer who specializes in travel. Passionate about history, the author is an avid reader of both historical fiction and non-fiction history books. Throughout her life, she was inspired by authors such as Victoria Holt, Phyllis A. Whitney and Belva Plain, and strives to create the same type of multi-dimensional, entertaining characters that readers can relate to, understand and ultimately enjoy.

Broadt created her first novel-length work of fiction with Hot Winter Sun, and laughingly calls it the kind of book you think no one writes anymore . A professional singer at one time, the author often refers to words as music of another kind and hopes they are felt that way by her readers.

Broadt lives in the Southeastern United States with her husband and childhood sweetheart, Dan, as well as Frosty and Snoodle, her faithful, purring companions. She loves music, reading, traveling and simply enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, and also has a blog for travel enthusiasts, called Your Endless Holiday.


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