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David Reynolds is something of a Renaissance man in terms of occupation. He’s amassed an eclectic resume over the years and spent more than a dozen years executing Defense Contracts for the Navy, where he served as a Project Manager. David also spent time as a screenwriter, honing his craft and learning wherever and whenever possible, which led to his recruitment by a startup movie company. During this time, David’s screenplays had been under option as many as five times, but as the business goes, none of them ever went to screen. One of David’s most successful screenplays was in development when 9-11 struck and high-risk movie making all but came to an abrupt standstill.

The phones quick ringing, so David turned to writing in a different way; an effort which resulted in his debut novel, “Shift.” Originally under the umbrella of Border Books, the publisher’s bankruptcy meant it was time to blaze new trails. He published “Shift” under his own imprint in 2011.

David then changed jobs and relocated his family to East Tennessee where he now lives with his wife, kids, two dogs and one cat. When David completed his Master’s degree in Theology, he set about distilling many of his seminary papers into a 450-page non-fiction eschatology book called, “Prophecy: From Now On…” as a layman’s guide to the End Times. That book reached the Amazon Bestseller’s List in its category and encouraged David’s writing career once again. He started out to create another non-fiction work in the form of a Biblical commentary covering The Book of Revelation. However, his call to fiction was still very much alive and soon a unique merging between fiction and nonfiction would occur. David created a fictional living commentary in his traditionally published debut work —  The Revelation Series: “Behold Wrath.” The story follows one of the main characters from his previous novel, “Shift,” into the Tribulation period, as a group of friends tries to navigate the greatest series of unnatural disasters the world will ever see.

“Behold Wrath” is currently in prepublication.

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