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Book reviews are currency – they’re basically capital in word form.

It’s no secret that book reviews are of vital importance to readers –which makes them vitally important to authors too. An eloquent, well-written book review can be invaluable to an author who’s trying to increase his or her credibility and visibility in a specific genre. A solid, honest book review can be used to advertise and promote books in the media, on book jackets, websites, emails, at book signings and more.

*VP will NOT post reviews to Amazon or other public forums.

A Vertu paid review consists of an honest, perfectly worded review of your book that you can use anywhere. If you select our “publish my review” option, we will even share our review of your book in the public arena. Increase your visibility, your sales and your market position with a professional review.

New authors are not yet known for producing quality books, they have no credibility in a market that is driven by reputation. How can a new author entice readers to the degree that they are willing to part with their money and, their most valuable of resources – their time.

In today’s increasing online world of book shopping, book reviews are almost the same as money. Good reviews = sales. Period.

Vertu’s paid reviews are real, honest reviews. They’re beautifully written and designed to showcase your work. Criticisms are delivered with grace and respect. Even if our reviewers find issues with your work, you will never walk away from a Vertu review feeling discouraged or put off. Our goal is to HELP authors, never to hurt them. And that means delivering honesty and truth without insult.

When you purchase a Vertu Paid Review, you’ll receive a professional, well-written, thoughtful review. VP reviews are 100% honest, but also 100% respectful.

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  • Go forth and use it with wisdom.

Turnaround Time

Depending on the option you choose your review can be completed in four to six, or six to ten weeks, we do our best to keep turnaround time brief, but the duration of the work depends solely on the nature of the subject matter and the length of manuscript submitted. But don’t worry; we will be in contact with you along the way, providing updates and info as we go.

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*Vertu Publishing reserves the right to refuse service and return/refund products that are out of keeping with our code of ethics, considered dangerous, slanderous, incendiary, illegal etc. If you submit a manuscript for pre-submission work that is rejected by our review team, you will be notified in writing and will receive a refund of your payment.